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“Aaron Elf” promoted Sales Manager at ARW, Live at the House of Blues

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) 30 July 2013

Antis, who has been with for 7 years ARW is high growth continue to be responsible for supporting the company?, ARW With the management team of robust sales. Aaron has his many roles over the years on board to ARW. He has worked ARW in many departments, including field technicians, production of roofing, financial, office operations, IT Manager and Sales & Marketing.

One of the most adventurous roles for Aaron, was the creation of a seasonal character called? Aaron elf.? The idea for this role came after Aaron dressed as Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, ARW for a Halloween party on the boat. Aaron Elf visit hundreds of asset managers in the Christmas season, while the distribution of? See Certificates candy. Aaron elf is also a regular at the annual Christmas Light Parade Newport Beach. Aaron said? I like to dress like the eleven. This is something that has helped me to see myself in the industry. He also contributed to our marketing department of a big boost for the name ARW there.?

Aaron commented on the promotion, saying: I? ‘m Excited for the challenge is the director of business gifts, as well as the challenges that I have? in the past to make new contributions confronted. Whenever I have a new position I am not registered? T feel as if I good enough to do it, but with each new work I had Charles (Charles Antis, president and founder of Antis Roofing & waterproofing) and other mentoring in the company. With whom I mentor? I was able to run with it and have great success.?

Aaron Antis debuted ARW as a technician in the field to work for a summer job in 2007. During the first six months, a technician, he lived with his uncle, Charles Antis, president of ARW. While life with Charles, the two talk ARW permanently, which fall to Aaron, in love with the company. He loved so much, the next time he returned to school, he changed at Brigham Young University his main biology construction management. This degree teaches Aaron useful tools that have contributed to the success.

? In the seven years I have? Aaron has worked with him in all positions he held excelled? s? , Dean Morrison, vice president of marketing. ? Aaron? S commitment, integrity and drive are the epitome of this ARW represents.?

has In his most recent role as an account executive at ARW, Antis himself to a wealthy and reputable seller. He has great things to be done to continuously improve the company, for example, 24 of the 35 Board Meetings Planning Antis Roofing & Waterproofing has for the month of July.

Description At ARW? s annual Community Appreciation Party chairman said last Wednesday at the House of Blues in Anaheim, ARW President, Charles Antis? Aaron has worn many hats and played a key role ARW over the last 7 years and now Aaron is the man who will lead us into the future.? Promotion, a surprise for Aaron, took place on the stage in front of more than 1,000 property managers and industry personnel. Charles also said that? Aaron has set numerous records part of the company, including the size of the projects sold, the total revenue for a quarter of the board meetings and board meetings.?

Antis, who earned a bachelor? a master’s degree in construction management from Brigham Young University, is also part of many industry organizations. He is currently active in the Committee of CAI-OC Price and committee members CAI GRIE. With its countless successes at work, he is also a man of strong family. He and his wife, Aubrey, whom he met while working for ARW, have been together for 5 years.

ARW was founded in 1989 and has quickly established itself as one of the main actors in the roof, terrace and outside the industry watertight ship in Southern California. Today ARW great value and innovative sole owner associations throughout the region provides sealing solutions? Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties). ARW belongs organizations CAI and CACM and donated roofs of over 90 houses with Habitat for Humanity Orange County, Charles Antis of the Board. To learn more about Antis Roofing and sealing to learn Inc., visit

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